You Can’t Handle The Truth

I haven’t written or updated in some time, but this is something I had to share.  It doesn’t take the position of a post to share learnings, more like a story that I needed to share.
Last night I sent out a Tweet, as you may know me to do.  It read “Teams don’t lose because of a lack of sportsmanship. They lose because of lack of discipline #Live2Lead”.  Of course, I misspelled “They” and it went out as “The”, well, that’s what I do…
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Do You Use Your Turn Signal?

How many of you use your turn signal when turning?  How many of you could make a better decision if someone else used their turn signal to indicate their next action?

While sitting at a stop sign I stop at often, the traffic that I’m stopped for has two decisions they could make.  Turn left or turn right.  People rarely indicate the direction they’ll be going here.  While I don’t let this frustrate me, I sat there one day, thinking….  If people would simply indicate their direction, I could make a faster decision if I could go or not.
Quickly my mind started relating this to the people I Lead, day in and day out.  How often to I use my “turn signal” for them?  What kind of decisions could they make if I only communicated my direction to them?  If I’m clear in my communication could they leave their stop signs faster to be more productive?
If I don’t signal clearly as a Leader, what am I preventing them from doing?
This put a few things in perspective for me.  Now I’m able to be more aware not only of my team, but of my actions, verbal and non-verbal, to my team.
Is it indication or communication?  I ask you again, do you use your turn signal?

What Are You Interviewing For?

Many of us are in positions where we must interview job seekers. You were entrusted by someone who had faith and confidence in you.

So, what are you interviewing for? A position? An attitude? A hard worker? There are many things, right?

Don’t forget that you’re also interviewing for a customer. Do what you say you’re going to do, even if you don’t or can’t hire all of the candidates, wouldn’t you want them to return as customers?

When a job seeker is looking into your organization, they may be doing some research about your entity. Your intentions must be palpable. Often, we talk too much, not listening. Read the rest of this entry

Those Who Are Hardest to Love…

Recently in an email correspondence, Francesca Parker shared a quote with me. “Those who are hardest to love need it the most”. Our conversation was in regard to Military Veterans.

I haven’t put a lot of thought into the quote until just a few days ago. My thoughts today took me in a different direction. One of putting ourselves in someones place before putting them in their place. Have you been in line waiting for a service and noticed the person in front of you acting like a jerk?

You get to the cashier and say “Wow, that guy was a jerk, huh?”.

Perhaps you’re the cashier, and you tell all of your co-workers about that person after you serve the crowd. “Can you believe that idiot I had earlier?” you may say. We may make fun of the person, have excuses for why they act the way they act, so on and so on. Read the rest of this entry

The Heart of a Champion

This is Scott and Francesca Parker. Scott AKA “The Sheriff” is a retired Right Winger of the Colorado Avalanche, he also spent some time with the San Jose Sharks for my NorCal friends. Scott was a member of the team that won the Stanley Cup in 2001.

I met this crew while searching for a Barber near Castle Rock. I’ve tried a lot of the shops in Castle Rock, and nobody could cut a fade, much less a skin or razor fade. Some of you that know me, know that I usually get my hair cut every weekend. On the trip before going to Lucky 27, I went to a shop in Parker, CO where the lady that cut my head, yes, head, nicked me 15 times and didn’t say a word to me about it! Read the rest of this entry

Football and A Leadership Plan

Taking a moment to think about what Football is as a sport, have you ever related it to your own team?  Each players position is selected by their attributes and skill set.  If each individual player only does their assigned tasks, progress is made.

At the start of a game a coin is tossed, the very first game of chance.  Win the coin toss and your choice decides if the team kicks or receives.  The side of the field you will defend is also ruled at this point.  The result of this will be switched in the second half. Read the rest of this entry

Always the Bridesmaid. Never the Bride.

Working with some peers of mine, I’ve been involved in the Panel Interview process for prospective candidates. In preparation for the next interview I picked up her resume. A few items jumped out at me. One of the positions was “Assistant to General Manager” and “Assistant to Vice President”. A couple of great positions. One bullet on the paper was made in a larger font, describing her branch as the top in the State of Colorado for being the best overall.

I was intrigued by the effort put into this resume. This individual was applying for an entry level position within hospitals. Knowing and understanding when people change careers, they settle for their minds to be okay “just getting my foot in the door”. Sometimes people need an opportunity – that’s why we’re here. Read the rest of this entry

Awareness of Self

This is something I wrote about a year ago, learning about my own self awareness:

Do you know what Self Awareness is?  Is it an awareness of your own individuality?  I think it’s deeper than that.


To me it means a person’s awareness of self with regard to position and time and place and personal relationships.  Going even further, the way you are viewed by others.  How do you want to be viewed?

This afternoon I was on my way out to run some errands.  I needed to take  the trash out so I grabbed the bag and took it with me, throwing it in the back of the car to drop off at a dumpster on my way.

Some of you know me, Umair the professional General Manager.  Others know me as Umair, friend, brother, father…  Just another guy.  Few of you  remember Umair the skinny kid from Williams. Read the rest of this entry

#LeadFromWithin -Friendship

When you #LeadFromWithin you can say:

“What progress, you ask, have I made? I have begun to be a friend to myself.”

Today, on a flight to Charlotte, NC – I read this note, it reminded me of the friendships created with many, many people in our #LeadFromWithin Community. Over the past week my mind has been consumed with a reality of life; the reality of death. As a very good friend of mine lay in criticle condition, with a questionable outcome – many of you, my friends, supported me and provided thoughts and prayers to a friend of mine. One that you don’t even know. Read the rest of this entry

Does Your Message Hit the Ground?

Recently during a flight to Boston I was reminded that I don’t check-in often enough with my people in the field or their Leadership teams.  Are they living my values?  Are they leading the company with the message we’ve put forward?  Most importantly, do they know what that message is?

I’ve been reading a book called “Strengths Based Leadership” – what a great book and the tool provided (StrengthsFinder 2.0) is awesome!  We boarded our JetBlue flight, a snow storm had dropped about 8 inches of snow in Denver in the early hours of the morning.  The plane needed to de-ice before take off, which added about 45 extra minutes to our travel, no big deal.  As per the flight teams instruction, electronic devices were not permissible.  So I used the time to read. Read the rest of this entry